Saturday, 17 October 2009

Circus Theatre

This morning my son had the opportunity to "space" Amsterdam's Royal Carré Theatre. He's going to do a circus show there in December with 20 other kids and several real live circus artistes. They were able to use the large round auditorium as a playground and rehearsal space, just for an hour or two. They'll be performing there on 9-11 December, and while they are there the Christmas Circus will be set up. There'll be horses in the stables under the stage and lions in cages behind. Scary when you emerge from the stage door late at night!
Scarier is the financial straits of many cultural initiatives for young people. Budgets are being cut and there is apparently only money for multicultural initiatives. Unfortunately this does not always ensure quality.
On a different tack - congratulations to the Dutch anti-vaccinators for winning the Meester Kackadorisprijs, a major prize for quackery.

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