Thursday, 29 October 2009


These days it's essential to keep the computer up to date. Some software sorts it all out on its own, some gets a little out of control - I want to change my mp3 tags about once a month,but always have to update the tagging software first. Don't get me wrong, it's a great package, but I just want to use it.
In the meantime, Microsoft makes sure Windows is up to date - along with some drivers - and the anti-virus does so too. But the rest gets left out.
It would be better if there was just one a package to keep track of all updates to drivers and software, and CNet has apparently seen the market value of such an approach. It's just a pity that their offerings fall lamentably short of providing a real solution. First I tried CNet Version Tracker Pro, but it kept offering to update my up-to-date drivers to older versions. Now I can try CNet TechTracker, but it even tries to downgrade my Avira Pro to an Avira Free. It also only allows me to own one PC. I do have more, at home and at work, like so many people. Looks like CNet wants a free ride. If you want to serve your audience and take advantage of their advertising income, you also have to do some work and actually check whether the drivers are up to date.

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