Sunday, 27 February 2011

I am me

  • "Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine two accounts or to merge data."
  • "In most cases, it's not possible to move products from one Google Account to another."
  • "If your current YouTube account is linked to a Google Account, it may be possible to transfer your YouTube account depending on when it was created. Some settings will be available to you and, unfortunately, some may not."
I am me and, first and foremost in an internet sense, I am me on Google. I am not Mobile Me with Apple... but I do have a problem - conflicting accounts. I have a name and that is also my email address. I don't want another email address, but will apparently have to get myself one if, for instance, I want to keep using Picasa. My Google Apps account is obviously Google and my Picasaweb account is also Google, but they are actually different accounts, connected to one and the same email address. I now only notice the problem with my Google Docs... Depending on which URL I use, I get to see my Google Apps documents or my Google Docs.
But what to do with Picasa? I have 80 GB of photo storage available and that space is now accessible under my name and the email address I use for all my mail, but that will apparently have to change. Why can't I just move everything to my Apps account, I hear you ask?  Because Google says I can't.
I have no idea why I can't just merge the two account. I just want all my docs, photos and videos from both accounts in one place.  I pay for storage under my email address, and want to keep using it there. Please sort out the mess, Google!

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