Saturday, 6 October 2012

Videos I have to see every day.

First there were LPs and singles that I played to destruction on a gramophone. Then I turned to cassette tapes until the machine chewed them up. It took a while before I moved on to CDs and then came MP3s and now it's all YouTube and Spotify. The addition of video has made live music a lot more interesting, and some videos just blow me away. 
For instance, Roy Hargrove is one of the greatest trumpeters around, and I have to watch Strasbourg St Denis at least once a day to remain anywhere near sane:

Long before YouTube there was another Tube - on Britain's Channel Four and starring a much younger Jools Holland. I even helped him make an episode in Amsterdam in the early 1980s. 
Now the inimitable Jools has switched his allegiance to the BBC and makes an even greater programme - Later. It is essential viewing and provides first glimpses of great new talent. For instance Lianne La Havas:

Okay - Roy Hargrove is a great trumpeter, but Ian ain't bad either. 

I could go on with KT Tunstall and BAM and Amy Winehouse and Johan Fretz and Gunga. And more from Later like Eric Clapton

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