Friday, 29 October 2010

New Amsterdam

Open letter to Apple NL
I’m working on a Youp van ‘t Hek approach to Apple.
You have shops worldwide and in many countries they are multilingual. But Holland is apparently monolingually Dutch. The Apple Store is not available in English. So the many expats in Holland and multiculti immigrants have to wade through a site in Dutch only.
That’s bad enough, but you also sell crap software. I need to convert video files from the xenophobic AIC format – which can only play on Macs. I have tried various options on a PC and on a Mac, but decided I discovered I should really get myself Quicktime Pro. It’s there in the Apple Store (Quicktime Pro is Quicktime Pro in Dutch too, not “Sneltijd Prof” in the Appel Winkel).
So anyway I ordered Quicktime Pro for PC and also for Mac. I had to do that in two transactions because apparently the store is not capable of allowing orders for more than one item at a time. Okay. Anyway, I got myself codes for Quicktime Pro 7 for both Mac and PC. I managed to install the PC code fine, but my new MacBook wouldn’t play ball. I tried to install QT7, but it informed me that QT X was already installed. That doesn’t allow for conversions? That’s why you need to buy the QT 7, ain’t it? Who knows? And there’s no one to ask.
Now the next hurdle is to find some way to contact Apple. I can call a phone number (9-6 Mon-Fri, but email? No way!) I want to use my Mac to convert a bunch of AIC Mov files into something I can use on my PC too. But how?
Now an attempt to contact you by mail. WIth a CC to Youp.
Please reply, and also internationalise your site.
Greetings from Old Amsterdam
Martin Cleaver

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